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    August 2nd, 2010Neil HOnline

    This is a short braindump of ‘online influence’. It’s an interesting topic, and one that needs more research into, and more reflection on my part to clarify my thoughts.

    Quite simply, numbers do not matter. The greater amount of people that want to listen to things you say, does not directly correlate into a great number of people respecting your thoughts and being influenced by them.

    You could have the widest distribution network for your ideas, thoughts, concepts and such. This could target thousands of people. Yet, does it matter? How many people are going to read what you said, or more accurately how many people are going to read AND care about what you said?

    So don’t get hung up on the numbers, surely a more tightly knitted group of people who DO care about what you say is more important.

    Think of it like a mailshot, you can send your leaflet out to the whole of Birmingham, or you could spend some more time being careful and just send out your leaflet to those people in Birmingham who care about it’s content.

    Look at the outcomes instead, what has happened. Have people read your article, commented on something, send you an email. People you care about. People who care about the topic.

    In summary, if you’ve got 100,000 facebook fans (and no doubt a ton of those have ‘hidden your updates’) and 20,000 Twitter followers it doesn’t mean your message is more effective than someone with 1,000 facebook fans and 300 Twitter followers.

    Instead, look at the metrics around engagement on the topic, and whether your message is targeting the right groups. Numbers ARE important, metrics are extremely important, but the size of them does not necessarily reflect your influence.

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2 Responses to “Online Influence – Social Media and Whatnot.”

  1. Good stuff Neil, well said. I read this after seeing your tweet. Clicked through because it’s your opinion and you used ‘whatnot’ in the post title. A ‘proper’ post title and an author who I didn’t know in the real world – I’d probably scroll by their tweet without clicking through.

    Taking this comment as a value metric = 1 visit to your site x lots more weight.

  2. Indeed. There are so many factors involved, and I’m amazed at some of the ‘tools’ out there, and how they ’show’ what your ‘online influence’ is. Ignore them, and come up with your own terms and what brings value to your world.

    I appreciate the comment. Thanks.

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